My BEST Science Activity


Title: The Metric Steps

Teacher: Sherry Pewitt

Grade Level: 6 Grade

Objective: Teaching basic metric units with a step chart.


Describe the activity below.


By using the step chart all students can find success in learning to work with the metric system. This is especially good for students who struggle with math.

To go from a larger unit to a smaller unit you would move down the steps.To go from a smaller unit to a larger unit you would move up the steps.


Using the overhead I have a transparency of the steps. I label it with the names of the units: meters, liters, grams.

I then provide each student a copy of the page I did on the overhead for them to label.


After labeling I then discuss the decimal and where it in the the number that is given.I tell them that if there isnít one showing it is imaginary and is at the end of the number ( I use several different color markers to demonstrate.

Ex. 1000.

Ex. 456.


We then practice numbers with and without the decimal and how you actually are moving the decimal when you use go up and down the steps. Move the decimal to the right to go from a larger unit to a smaller unit. Move the decimal to the left when going from a smaller unit to a larger unit.


The practice pages are given on the above web site.


Using the Metric Mania Conversion Practice Sheet we work through the steps.



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