My BEST Science Activity


Title:  Wash Away Those Germs!

Grade Level:  Kindergarten-1

Time:  30-45 minutes



Objective:  The student will realize the effects of germs on hands and how to prevent the spread of germs.


Materials Needed:                                    


          Hand lotion (any type)

          Paper towels                                        

          Available water to rinse hands

          Hand soap


1.   Ask students if they have ever had a cold or sore throat. Encourage all responses and ask how they think they might have gotten a cold or sore throat.

2.  Next, ask students what we can do to prevent from getting colds.   Encourage responses and interject when needed.  Some answers might be “stay inside more, wear more clothing, etc”

3.  Explain to students that as a class you will be conducting an experiment to see what method works best at removing germs from hands.  You will be using glitter to represent “germs” on hands, and each group will be given a different method to try to remove the germs.

4.  Divide class into three groups.  (A parent volunteer can help monitor groups.) 


Before proceeding, have each group predict what they think will happen with the germs using the methods given to remove germs.  Record responses on board.


Every child in the class rubs a small amount of hand lotion on his/her hands.  Next, each child (either outside or over a trash can) has a very small amount of glitter sprinkled onto hands.   Remind students that their job is to remove the “germs” or glitter from his/her hands. Divide into groups and proceed:


Group 1                                        Group 2                                    Group 3

Direct group to                          Explain to group that              Instruct group

use only dry paper                      are to use only cold                 to use warm

towels to remove “germs”          water and paper towels          water and soap


Allow time for groups to try to remove germs.  Regroup with students.

Discuss if predictions were right, or not as expected and record results on board.


Discuss healthy habits such as frequent hand washing with soap and covering mouth/nose when sneezing or coughing.


For further information try these websites: