My BEST Science Activity


Title: Family Sense

Teacher: Denna Stroud

Grade Level: 2

Objective: Students will simulate the ways a mother bat finds her pup.





500 cotton balls

chart paper


oil of cinnamon

oil of cloves


extract of vanilla

extract of mint

extract of lemon

hole punch

bat pattern



Key Question: How does a mother bat find her own baby?



As many as 500 pups may be left in a square foot area of the bat nursery. When the mother returns she is able to find her own offspring by using her senses of smell and hearing.


1. Prior to the activity cut out a 1ft. x 1ft square out of poster board. Glue 500 cotton balls to the board to give students an idea of the density of baby bats in the nursery.

2. Distribute the bat patterns and yarn. Five students will be given the larger  Adult” patterns with the rest of the students being given the smaller “Pup” patterns. Allow students time to make necklaces with the patterns and yarn.

3. Place a few drops of  extract on an “Adult “ bat and at random select a pup and drop a few drops of that  same extract on it. Repeat using a different extract each time for the other four “Adults.” Use those last four extract for four selected “Pups.”

4. Tell students not to discuss the smell of their necklace with any other student. Explain that those who are “Adults” will be blindfolded and try to find the Pup” who has the same scent as they do. There is one “Pup” matched to each “Adult” scent.

5. Blindfold one “Adult” . Allow the “Adult” to find her “Pup” by scent only.

6. Repeat the activity with each “Adult”.