My BEST Science Activity


Title: Safari Challenge

Teacher: David Swann

Grade Level: 8th (will also work with 7th)


1. name the kingdom – species taxonomical system

2. develop an understanding of the system to accompany rote    memory

3. Understand scientific naming

4. know the 6 kingdoms




First, the taxonomical system is explained and a classification word association is given (I often use a nested boxes analogy to explain the system). WORD ASSOCIATION.  King Philip Came Over For Grape Soda. The students can also be asked to create their own.


Next, the 6 kingdoms are explained. A Kingdom song is taught and sung. The class sings along.

          The Kingdom Song

To the tune of the twelve days of Christmas


These are the kingdoms my teacher gave to me:

6 – archaebacteria

5 – eubacteria

4 – protista

3 – fungi

2 – animal

and a plant, something like a tree.


Finally, to reinforce the students learning and provide a deeper understanding of taxonomy a “Safari Challenge” worksheet is given.

Click here for a link to a copy of the worksheet.