12 Powerful Words

Composed and promoted by educational speaker & author, Mr. Larry Bell
This is the list of 12 powerful words that increase test scores and help close the achievement gap!

Trace Analyze Infer Evaluate
Formulate Describe Support Explain
Summarize Compare Contrast Predict
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UNRAVELing will help you understand these things...
"Unraveling" a paragraph

Underline title

Now predict the passage

Run through and number paragraphs

Are you reading the questions?

Are the important words circled?  

(Write down their meaning)

Venture (read) through the passage

Eliminate the obviously wrong answers

Let the questions be answered and write the paragraph # where you found the answers next to the question

Double check your work!


Underline the question

Now predict what you need to do to solve the problem

Read the word problem

Are the important words circled?

(Especially the clue words?)

Apply the steps you chose to solve the problem

Verify your answer

(Is it reasonable?  Does it make sense?)

Eliminate the wrong answers

Let the answer stay or rework the problem

Double check your work!