Jefferson County Schools
Benchmark Materials for K-5

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(Required Benchmark Assessments Per Grade Level 2010-2011)

Benchmark Assessments Presentations
by Susan Roberts
Grades K-2

Grades 3-5
Benchmark Assessment Cards
Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Scott Foresman Baseline Test Recording Form
(Universal Screener)
(Record and turn into your literacy coach.)

Baseline Test
First Grade
Baseline Test
Second Grade
Baseline Test
Third Grade
Baseline Test
Fourth Grade
Baseline Test
Fifth Grade
Baseline Test

Scott Foresman Fresh Reads
Four-Point Fluency Scale
Fresh Reads Story and Page #
for Grades 1-5

Recording Form for Fresh Reads Assessment

Fry Sight Word Testing Materials
(Instructions for Sight Word Assessments)

Recording Forms for Fry Sight Word Assessment
Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third  Grade
Word List Sight Word Test
Sight Word Test Sight Word Test
Sight Word Test

Yopp Singer Directions
Yopp Singer Testing Sheet