Camp Read Along 2009
New Market School



At Camp Read Along we hear lots of great stories.

                                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Cody read a funny one!


We had a scavenger hunt on the first Friday.  Each teacher led a team.  See them trying to use the code to find the first clue!

Those students worked the puzzles quickly.

Here is Mrs. Chappel leading her team through a set of high-frequency words.


The youngest class had to circle the right words that their leader read to get to the next task.

This group finished with animal drawings done with side-walk chalk.

The next class had even more difficult tasks to complete for
the scavenger hunt.


At one point the team had to unscramble animal words.  Almost everyone got stuck on "ttreo" which was "otter."


This group had to come up with ten words from the letters
in "Exploring Aminals."

We just had to have some animal races for exercise.  We had some fast rabbits, cheetahs, horses, and frogs.

One highlight of Camp Read Along was the visit from the zoo-mobile.  Here the kids are holding a snake skin. They learned about how snakes move.


Mrs. Cody was brave enough to touch the hedgehog, Mr. Mosby.

The students learned about screech owls and how they are good hunters because of their silent flight.

These kids were glad that the snake skin wasn't found here at school!

For many students this was their first time to touch a skink.