Children as Authors
September 20, 2007
Presented By
Channie Phagan
and Kristi Waltke

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We had lots of class books and student authored books.  Thank you to the Rush Strong kindergarten teachers Rexanna Ellison, Courtney Jett, Becky Schrader and Jamie Hoover for sharing books with us!

Mrs. Phagan shared some class books like "Our Dads" with the group.

Here is a page from "Our Dads."

Here is the classbook Mrs. Phagan's class wrote on "The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving."

Here is a page from "The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving."

Mrs. Phagan uses patterned stories to get her students started on the process of becoming a published author.  This student story was patterned after "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" By Laura Joffe Numeroff.

Mrs. Phagan's class has retold the "My Friends" story orginally by Taro Gomi.  Each child in the class got to share what they have learned how to do from an animal.

They have also retold "Together" by George Ella Lyon.

When children become authors, it just cements the connection between reading and writing.  The sense of pride that children feel in sharing their own published story is priceless.  It is something we as teachers should all strive toward!