Take a Peek into Mrs. Waltke's Classroom!

These are the SSR boxes I use for Self Selected Reading.  The boxes are small enough for students to keep them on their desk throughout the day!  Each child has their own box so there is no need to share.  Inside the boxes is a whisper phone so that children are able to read quietly without disturbing each other. 

The leveled text from our Scott Foresman Reading Series is diplayed here along with some other books!  This shelf was once used in the Dollar Store to hold a card display.  Shelves like this one were thrown out when they were replaced.  I happened to find this one by the dumpster!


A Take-home Reader was sent home with every child on Monday through Thursday nights.  Parents listened to their children read the book, and then signed that they had done so.  Each Take-home Reader was an Accelerated Reader Book.  Children were able to take the quiz first thing in the morning as they were sharpening pencils, doing the Math Meeting Jobs, and completing their Mountain Language Questions.  

These are some neat little magnetic pocket holders.  They are handy for dry-erase markers also if you need to transport between boards.  They were from Lakeshore.



I use these questions during the sharing section of SSR.  I found that my kids were eager to share a book, but had no idea what to say.  At the time, I had just heard about the paper bag book report.  So, I modified that to make this.  These questions are in the paper bag you can see above.  On the bag is written, "Share a Book Worth Quacking About."  Children simply pull out a few questions and answer them.  I don't have to give them as much support as before!

Mountain Language cards are displayed on rings.  I've found this much easier to organize than putting them in pocket charts.  This way the cards are all there.  On Fridays, I simply flip each card to get ready for the next week.

These Wow Words speak for themselves.  Some words are over-used and this was helpful in getting my students to expand their vocabularies.  I did a few mini lessons on using them and I used them a lot when I was thinking aloud while I modeled writing.



This Clothes Line of Transition Words is an idea I got from Jessica Runyan of Piedmont.  We taught together in Camp Read Along.  She found a similiar Clothes Line online from Mrs. Renz, a fourth grade teacher in Redmond, Oregan.