Academic Vocabulary Center
From Channie Phagan

Materials needed: golf tees, hole punch, stiff card stock in 4 colors, white copy paper, printer, permanent marker, glue, laminating machine and yarn or rings.


1. Proof cards for errors or own changes.
2. Print and cut out each card.
3. Glue on color coded card stock. I used green for language arts, yellow for science, blue for math and orange for social studies.
4. Laminate
5. Punch holes by each answer choice. On reverse side with permanent marker make an arrow pointing to correct answer
6. Bind each group of cards according to number with ring or yarn. May have as many as 6 sets.

Students use a golf tee to answer question and flip over card to self correct. After student practices and feels confident, brings a set to teacher for "quiz". It is a great way to encourage constant review of what you are teaching in the classroom and I use the cards for various review games we play!!

Language Arts
Social Studies