Unit 5

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Practice Sheets
By Lorilyn Owen
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Parent Newsletters
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Morning Warm- Up!

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Daily Fix-It

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Let's Practice

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Phonics Lesson  
Week 1
Word Ladder
Week 2
Building Words
Week 3
Making Words
Week 4
Rounding Up the Rhymes
Week 5
Letter Tiles
Week 6
Guess the Covered Word

Websites that Support Stories and Themes
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Week 3 Week 4
Week 5 Week 6
Max Takes the Train Mayday!  Mayday!  Messenger, Messenger The Little Engine that Could On the Move! This is the Way We Go to School
Max and Ruby Games
Caillou's Train Game
PBS Kids
Travel Around the World
With K Bear

Transportation Activities for Kids More Photographs of Coast Guard Event Photos from
The Little Engine that Could Tour
Wheels on the Bus
Story Pattern
Kiz Club
Transportation Clipart
Click to enlarge photo.
Little Engine that Could
Lesson Resources
United Streaming
All About Transportation
Brain Pop
Armed Forces
Thomas the Tank Engine
(videos, games, activities)
Brain Pop
Back to School
Starfall J
Starfall W
Starfall x Starfall U Starfall U Starfall V
Starfall Z
Starfall Y
Starfall Q
Folder of Internet Sites
Cindy Davis
Folder of Internet Sites
Cindy Davis

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