Word Rings
(Print the first set of words.  Copy and cut so that each child in your classroom has a set.  Punch a hole in the top corner of the set and attach it to a ring.  Send the set of words home with the students for practice.  After practice, collect the set of words and assess the students individually.  Use a "cutsey" hole punch to designate which words the student has mastered.  Proceed to the next set of words as needed.  This is a good parent communication tool as they can see which words their children were able to read to the teacher and which words their children need to practice.  Also, children get excited about getting their words "punched."  For continued challenge, proceed to first grade word rings!)

First Set Words
Second Set Words
Third Set Words
Fourth Set Words

Letter Rings
(With the word ring concept in mind, a teacher could adapt the idea to practice and assessment of other skills.  These are cards can be used for letter and/or sound recognition.  *It would be good DIBELS practice to have the kids attempt these with speed.)
First Set Letters Kindergarten Second Set Letters Kindergarten Third Set Letters Kindergarten Fourth Set Letters Kindergarten

Color Words Number Words Number Recognition
Number Recognition