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Pearson Scott Foresman Reading Street
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Looking for a Scott Foresman math resource?
Here is a link to a helpful website from Leslie Boule.  One Click Math

PortaPortal for 2nd grade
Paula Word & Susan Sims from Fairhope Elementary

Beverly Deprez's Website for Second Grade Reading

Sing With Me Big Book
Compiled by Jennifer Brandon

Vocabulary Words

Mrs. Lewis'  Second Grade Cyber Classroom

Saxon Math- Math Meeting Powerpoints

Second Grade Teacher Resources

Brain POP Junior
Signature Phonics Bingo
Guess The Covered Word 
Printables for Scott Foresman Reading Series 2006-2007
Reader's Theater Scripts
Web-based E-mail

Enchanted Learning
Check out the back to school activities.
 Literacy Lane
Mountain Language Questions 
Busy Teacher's Cafe
Second Grade Word Wall Words
From Scott Foresman 2006-2007

Mrs. Caro's Classroom Resources
(She is a second grade teacher who has a wonderful site with resources for our reading series!)

Themed Sites for
Scott Foresman 2006-2007

Tools- Simple Machines
 Franny and Ginny Hangman
Franny and Ginny Spelling Words Quiz
The Wobbly People Spelling Quiz
 The Workers- Read About Different Workers!
The Green Leaf Club News-Kid Safety
Bike Safety- A comic strip character goes on an adventure remembering to use his bike safety knowledge.
The Surprise- Frogs
Anansi-African Mythology
Aesop's Fables
Postcard Illusions
Optical Illusions
   Braille Games for Sighted Children
I Spy!
Games To Go With "Wanted: New Best Friend"
Kid Mysteries
Dinosaur Games
Bats-The Great Ball Game
Apollo 11 Mission 
Be sure and check the related video links!
 WebQuest on the Solar System

More Dino Games
Lemonade Stand Game
Annie's Gifts Quiz

Good Reading Sites

Vocabulary Games
Little Animals Activity Center
Between The Lions
Funschool 2nd Grade
2nd Grade Language Arts Standards
Game Goo
Word Jumbler
Word Balloons
Top 100 Educational Games
Children's Storybooks
Phonics Practice
Read Across America 
Fun and Games
Phonics and Word Study
Spiderman's Web of Words
Wheel of Fortune
Story Place Elementary Library
Mrs. Austin's 
Word of the Day Hangman
PBS Kids
Academic Vocabulary Language Arts Game
Kiz Club Stories


Second Grade Math Standards- tons of links
Addition Tunnel Blaster
Tangram Stories
Tangram Puzzles Online
Geometry Online
Adding Two Digit Numbers Tic Tac Toe
Change It!  (Count coins)
Lines of Symmetry
Place Value
Brain Buster Math
This was created in PowerPoint in order to be used as a question of the day slide show.  Students are presented one slide a day and are to each answer on dry erase boards or scrap paper.
Math Dictionary
If you go to calculator, the site has a working calculator that can be used in classrooms.
The Grouchy Ladybug Teaches Elapsed Time
By Amy Stonecipher



Punctuation Practice Penguins on Ice
 First Nine Weeks
Grammar Review 2006-2007
 Brain Buster Grammar
This was created in PowerPoint in order to be used as a question of the day slide show.  Students are presented one slide a day and are to each answer on dry erase boards or scrap paper. 
First Nine Weeks
Grammar Review 2006-2007
This is an interactive PowerPoint Presentation.  Your students can work on this on individual computers at the end of the Nine Weeks, or you can drive and put the questions on the big screen.

Spelling Games for
Scott Foresman 2006-2007

Spelling Unit 6 Week 2
Spelling Unit 6 Week 3
Spelling Unit 6 Week 4
Spelling Unit 6 Week 5

Solar System
Second Grade Science Curriculum
Web Weather For Kids
Science Modules (Fossweb)
Bones, Solids/Liquids, Electricity
A Walk in the Woods
Baby Animals
Ant Boys Bug World
National Geographic for Kids
Sir Robert Hitcham's Habitats
National Geographic for Kids
Adventures Games

Social Studies

Martin Luther King Jr.
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Another Abraham Lincoln Site
Tennessee History
Regions of China
My China
Mahjongg (Chinese Solitare)
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
For Kids

Biographies of Famous People
(The Presidents are all included)


Animal Riddles
Compound Word Riddles

Seasonal Games for Fun

Winter Holidays Online Word Search
Christmas Matching Game
Decorate a Snowman
Unscramble the Toboggan Picture
St. Patrick's Day Games
Online Easter Games