After Reading the story or Viewing the United Streaming Video
"Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears"
By Verna Aardema

1.  Print these characters from the story that you can get by opening this Microsoft Word Document.  Make copies of the characters for each of your students.


2.  Give your students a sentence strip that you have cut in half or a long sheet of paper.  Students cut the characters out and paste them on the sentence strip.  Have them start with the mosquito and then put the other characters in order as they effected each other in the story. 

3.  Have the students use their completed sentence strip to retell the story to a partner.

Students will be sequencing events in the story.  They will be recalling details and working on cause and effect.  They will be using nonlinguistic representation as they manipulate the character pictures.  Non-verbal representation is Marzano's fifth most effective teaching strategy!